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I specialize in massage, Lypossage™ and Body Contouring.

Services vary based on each clients specific goals.

For questions on any services, please book a free consultation.

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Massage has numerous benefits including lower stress levels, increased immune function, improved mental health and wellness, pain and tension relief, and improved physical fitness.

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Lypossage is a non-invasive, clinically proven massage technique that uses deep tissue and lymphatic drainage methods to smooth clients skin and reduce cellulite, flush toxins from their system and improve their body shape.  A study of 100 women given the Lypossage protocol lost an average of 6 inches or more.

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Body Contouring.

Body Contouring is tailored to each persons specific needs.  Services include Cavitation, RF Laser treatment, and Laser Lipolysis.  These are techniques which result fat loss in targeted areas and are perfect for 5-20 pounds of stubborn fat reduction.  Best results when done in conjunction with Nutrition Counseling.


Nutrition Counseling.

Customized nutrition plans based on each clients personal goals and lifestyle.  When done on a weekly basis with a coach this can help you make lifelong healthy habits stick!


Private Yoga.

1 on 1 yoga sessions customized to your personal wants and needs. Perfect for those not comfortable in a crowded studio, want to deepen their practice, or have mobility issues they want to be addressed.  This can also be an add on before a massage service so that you get the benefits of both!

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Helping Women Relax in Confidence.

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